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Development of the resources with the adaption of the available technologies can bridge the gap. As these are urgent need for bridging the infrastructural gap in fisheries development. It is proposed to set up mobile lab/clinic with financial assistance from a bank under NFDB scheme. The proposed unit shall be proprietorship concern to the promoter.The mobile lab/clinic will install ICT.( INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY) enabled advisory system to provide.

Information support to facilitate registered farmers in getting such benefits subsidy/financial assistance/input support and such others under the on going govt. programs depending on their eligibility.

Periodic best practice advisory and technical guidance on BMP (Best Management Practices) in respect of seed production/rearing,advisory of feeding chart,fish health advisory whenever needed including management of disease/preventive measures to be taken and emergency advisory on demand basis.

Sources of input suppliers to establish contact/liaison with the suppliers negotiate supply conditions such as prices and delivery schedule.

Technical guidance/information support on type of inputs required viz.,feed,seed,medicine and supportive equipment/accessories/gadgets for different activities of hatchery operation-seed rearing,BFT,RAS,and fish farming for enhancing production and profitability.

Harvesting and post harvest/value addition,marketing and disposal of fish.

Service provider will facilitate organizing interaction with technical team and experts for detailed deliberations on various aspects of project details,implementation,operational modalities roles and responsibilities etc. Also facilitate training of registered farmer on the proposed activities ever required.

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