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Biofloc Technology

BFT is based on C:N ratio in the system. Technology sustainable method to control water quality with added value of protein feed. Biofloc system are mainly used Tilapia and Vannamei because both species can eat biofloc and live in environments. with high level of turbidity.

BFT is the new "Blue revolution" in aquaculture. Such technique based on micro-organism production. Which play three major roles.

Maintain of water quality by uptake of nitrogen compounds generating microbial proteins

Nutrition increasing culture feasibility by reducing feed conversion ratio and decrease of feed cast.

The biofloc are rich in natural source of food available in 24 hour due to complex interaction between organic matter.

*Main water quality parameter in BFT.

1- pH 6.8 TO 8.0

2- D.O. above 4mg/liter.

3- Temp. 28-30 centigrade (Tropical fishes).

4-Salinity depend on the culture sps.

5-TAN =Toxicity value are pH depend.

6- Nitrite - less than 1 mg/liter

7- Alkanity more than 100 mg/liter

C:N ratio in biofloc maintain by -1mg/liter ammonia neutralized by 10 mg of carban.

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